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But in case you had any doubts that we’re one of the best home inspectors in San Luis Obispo County, here are praise and comments from previous satisfied clients and real estate agents. We think you’ll be impressed!

Johnny is not only professional and thorough; he is also very kind, understanding and patient. He explained everything from dimmer lights to propane shut off switches to soil characteristics.

Just a few hours after he finished the inspection Johnny provided us with an extremely detailed report that included many pictures, as well as arrows and circles to point out the exact location of each issue. It was easy to understand and will be incredibly helpful when we hire someone to fix these issues.

He even offered to answer any questions I may have down the road. Very nice guy. I would highly recommend him.

Marie P., Paso Robles, CA
Johnny was prompt, professional, and personal. He not only performed a thorough inspection, but walked us through all of the important aspects of the inspection. We would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
Clint S., San Luis Obispo, CA
Johnny performed a very thorough inspection of the subject property. Throughout the entire process he took the time to explain any concerns and answered all of our questions. He promptly provided us with a detailed report that was easy to understand. I will use him again and would recommend him to everyone.
Amy W., Paso Robles Real Estate Agent
Johnny Murphree was very thorough in his inspection. He surveyed the house efficiently and explained everything to us in layman terms that we would understand while demonstrating his knowledge of inspections and housing. I would highly recommend Johnny for all inspections and will use his services in the future.
Neil G., Paso Robles, CA
Johnny, thanks so much for taking your time to review your inspection findings with me in person. You are quite thorough and I feel confident in using your findings moving forward with the purchase of my house. I appreciate your professionalism. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you, Laura
Laura M., Paso Robles, CA
“We have dealt with many inspectors over the years and you would go to the top of the list in terms of demeanor and helpfulness. Your suggestions were helpful. By the way, we figured out the blinds that would not stay up. They had been trimmed off after the wood frames were installed around the sills. All that is needed is to slip a small screwdriver along the cord and just push the cord catch. Easy!”
Jeff M., Paso Robles, CA
“I have been in construction 39 years and the survey has the right content and information that I need to make me feel comfortable about my home purchase. Complete and informative. Meets my expectations!”
Stephen G., Paso Robles, CA
“Johnny is always there for us and our clients when we have questions. He keeps us informed and is detail orientated on inspections. We have always had positive comments about him from buyers and sellers. Some inspectors get the sellers rattled with items that are wrong, not Johnny.

He is extremely customer orientated and respectful to all parties involved. And quick to have the reports ready to go.”

Chazell D., Paso Robles Real Estate Agent
“This is my first home so the entire process is new to me. My realtor and I had heard good things about Johnny Murphree so we hired him.

The entire process was amazing. He was nice enough to explain things to me like how to shut off the water and gas in an emergency. He checked every nook and cranny in that house, and crawled into the tiny creepy dark spaces.

It was just an all around good experience. If I buy again he will be the first person I call.”

Emily C., Paso Robles, CA
“Use his services, you won’t be sorry. My experience was stellar. He was thorough, detailed and efficient.”
Ross N., Morro Bay, CA
Johnny Murphree did an outstanding job inspecting my new home. He was very thorough and explained everything while going through his inspection. His inspection report was amazing. Photographs and illustrations made it easy to understand and have for future reference. I highly recommend Johnny Murphree for your home inspection.
Teri H., San Luis Obispo, CA
Johnny did a wonderful job on our home inspection. He even found termite evidence that the termite inspector missed, saving us money & future headaches. His attention to detail & thorough inspection provided us with a realistic understanding of what we were purchasing in our new home. We are so thankful that he spared us unforeseen expenses/issues before we closed escrow. We highly recommend him!
Danielle P., Paso Robles, CA
Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Did a great job explaining his findings and offered good suggestions on correcting the deficiencies found in the house. Thank you for your thorough home inspection.
Roger T., Paso Robles, CA
Mr. Murphee was very kind and patient explaining to us every detail. His report is very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!
Joe and Steph V., Templeton, CA
I really appreciate how thorough Johnny was. There’s no comparison to the previous inspector report. I will definitely recommend Johnny again.
Nate M., Paso Robles, CA
Murphree Building inspectors were called upon to complete our home inspection while in escrow. I so appreciated how thorough Johnny was and took the time to show me details about the home that I either wouldn’t have ever figured out or would have taken me quite some time to do so. He was quick, kind, and professional. Strongly recommend!
Becky R., Nipomo, CA
Johnny does a very thorough inspection and is very easy to work with. He takes the time to provide full explanations for questions, and is patient with everyone involved in the process. The reports are very detailed and easy to read. I would highly recommend him.
Len L., Paso Robles Real Estate Agent
I greatly appreciate the time Mr. Murphree took with me discussing the home inspection in depth. Any questions I had, he answered. I would recommend Murphree Building Inspections to anyone needing a quality detailed inspection done.
Christina W., Paso Robles, CA

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