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Here’s how to schedule your home inspection online:

Commonly Asked Questions

We schedule inspections five days a week, Monday thru Friday. To simplify the online scheduling process, we only offer morning appointments for 9:00am and afternoon appointments for 1:00pm online.

If you’d prefer an earlier or later start time, call us at (805) 610-9037. Honestly, we can usually work something out.

No, please ignore that number. If you click the information button next to each service, you’ll see the typical time involved for that inspection service. To give you a general idea, a 1500 sq ft condo or townhome usually takes between 2-2.5 hours, a 2500 sq ft family home takes 3-3.5 hours, and a large estate takes four or more hours.
Yes. We always review the home’s information before sending your confirmation email and invoice. If we notice the home has a raised foundation, we’ll catch it and invoice you accordingly. Same thing goes for homes that are sixty years and older.

The system I use will immediately email you with a confirmation the time has been reserved, but I still need to review everything before it’s official. Typically I review new bookings in the late evenings. I will email you the official confirmation then.

In the unlikely event there’s a problem, I’ll call you the following day.

Some clients prefer to take care of payment ahead of time by paying online, but it’s not required. Payment is however due at the time of service. We accept credit card, check, or exact cash.